Auditing and Assurance

Auditing and Assurance


 We are equipped with state of art tools and techniques along with dedicated professionals to evaluate potential opportunities and risks delivering effective auditing & assurance services. We understand a value adding auditing and assurance service focus on scope of business improvement rather than merely preparing financial statements and reporting on figures.We have a very strong assurance system in place, the policies adopted in this respect include involvement of an additional partner as quality control reviewer in every major audit, dedicated team for specified sector, specialized training courses, engagement quality assurance review programs and a formalized consultative framework. We bring, to every aspect of our service, the highest levels of commitment, professionalism, energy and enthusiasm.


Internal/Management Audit

Conducting customised audit for clients and highlighting deviations from laid-down procedures and systems.

Enterprise Risk Assessment and Management

Reviewing pan-enterprise functionality and associated risks to evolve mitigation measures.


System for sensitive and defined areas in companies, leading to an independent check and control over each key process, such as purchases, sales, payments, among others.

As well as financial audit services, we provide a range of additional assurance services relating to organizations' financial control, regulatory reporting, shareholder value, and technology needs.

 Ø IFRS reporting

 Ø  Regulatory compliance and reporting

 Ø  Corporate reporting improvement

 Ø  Financial accounting

 Ø  Independent controls & systems process assurance

 Ø Tax Audits 

 Ø  Internal Control Review 

 Ø Due-Diligence 

 Ø System Audit 

 Ø Risk Assessment and Management 


Our auditors provide authentic services of audit and assurance through:

1. Helps To Detect And Prevent Errors And Frauds

An examiner’s principle obligation is to recognize blunders and cheats, anticipating such mistakes and fakes and taking consideration to maintain a strategic distance from such fakes. Therefore, despite the fact that all associations don’t have impulse to review, they make review of the considerable number of books of records.

2. Helps To Maintain Account Regularly

An examiner brings up issues if accounts are not looked after legitimately. In this way, review gives moral weight on keeping up accounts consistently.

3. Helps To Get Compensation

On the off chance that there is any misfortune in the property of business, insurance agency gives pay based on evaluated proclamation of valuation made by the inspector. In this way, it gets pay.

4. Helps To Obtain Loan

Uniquely money related organizations give credit based on reviewed proclamations. A business association may get advance considering the examined explanation of most recent five years. In this way, an association should make review necessary to get advance.

5. Review Facilitates The Sale Of Business

Valuation of advantages is made by the reviewer. Based on valuation of advantages and liabilities, specialist can offer his business. It decides the cost of business.

6. Helps To Assess Tax

Duty expert’s survey assesses based on benefit ascertained by the inspector. Similarly deals impose specialist figures deals charge based on deals appeared in the reviewed proclamation.

7. Facilitates To Compare

A reviewer teaches a bookkeeper similarly which thinks about books of records of current year with the bookkeeping of the earlier year. In this way, contrasting the records of present and earlier years recognizes mistakes and cheats.