Corporate Finance

Financial Advisory

 Valuation Services

Clients often look for valuations for mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance or regulatory reasons, or to know the value of an asset, subsidiary or investment in order to make optimal business decisions. We carry out the following different kinds of valuation services:

 Ø  Equity/ Shares/ Business Valuation

 Ø  Intangibles/ Brand Valuation

 Ø  Fixed Asset Valuation

 Ø  Actuarial Valuation


Due Diligence Services

Due diligence represents an important step in any financial transaction. Buyers or sellers ensure that the financial information they hold is as accurate as possible, in order to make an informed desicion, and also to ensure that their governance and risk-mitigation objectives are met. We are actively involved in the following:

 Ø  Business due diligence

 Ø  Financial due diligence

 Ø Legal due diligence (using associate law firm)


Merger and Acquisition Services

The India growth story is fast evolving from being an acclaimed destination of outsourcing and foreign investment to becoming a dominant market player for M&A in the global arena. We assist companies through the entire transaction process. Our services comprise:

 Ø  Identification of the target, nationally and internationally

 Ø Strategic planning for execution

 Ø  Due diligence and Valuation

 Ø  Transaction structuring/ Advisory

 Ø  Post Acquisition Services


Investment Banking & Advice

At Vishal Kumar & CO, we have a dedicated investment banking team assisting clients in meeting their strategic objectives to either raise capital, dispose and acquire businesses or listing internationally in any of the major global stock exchanges. The deep connections of the team in the financial services industry including private equity firms, banks, and other investing institutions proves to be excellent value for clients to work with us

 Ø  Mergers and Acquisition

 Ø Raising Private Equity

 Ø Raising international Capital and international listing  

 Ø Financial Planning for future needs,

 Ø  Correct Investment Option & Loan Facility,

 Ø  Evaluation of Insurance Needs,

 Ø Taxation Advice in relation to Investment Option,