Risk Advisory

Control Services


Chart of Authority: Assisting clients in defining and charting an Authority Matrix and Delegation of Power document.

Standard Operating Procedures:

Developing a written document for an enterprise for each key division.

Fixed Assets Register: Developing a comprehensive fixed assets register to locate and control the assets of an enterprise.

MIS Designing & Development: Reviewing the existing MIS and suggesting relevant modifications to enhance reporting efficiency and focus on key elements.

 Review Services for MIS for Investors:

Concurrent review of MIS received from the portfolio companies and highlighting the critical deviations for each portfolio company to the investors.

Systems Audit: Conducting a comprehensive study of the laid-down systems in an organisation, testing its efficacy and suggesting changes to enhance the checks and balances.

IT/ Systems Audit: Conducting an IT Security Audit and control reviews.

Integrity Review/ Audit: For companies where the management identifies malpractices, the firm can conduct a thorough interrogative review, based on its standard and tailor-made questionnaires.

Investigation Services: Need-based services to counter financial fraud or malpractices.

Corporate Governance Services: Reviewing the governance mechanism and policies of an enterprise and suggesting procedures and policies to strengthen governance and risk mitigation procedures to instil enhanced investor confidence.

Creation of Risk Register and Risk Matrix

Developing a risk - control framework according to various dynamics of an enterprise.